As a follow up to my latest post which was quite long, I encourage you all to spread the art of memes through this here app. Also I wouldn’t mind the competition since I’ve had almost none for awhile. Daily meme posts will start tomorrow so look forward to that my comrades. Btw…. hit me up with them good commie memes if you have any of course. Why are you reading this far down?!? Go back and live life instead of scrolling down Wow, I’m amazed you’re still scrolling down, well if you just know I’m done typing now….. like right now… have a great night everyone

So my fellow Modchaters, as many of you know and also don’t know I am the official MemeKing of this here app ( according to some time in December). However I feel that my role as the king is a very slight one and at that many of you probably don’t care in the slightest. Furthermore the lack of memes being posted is another thing which saddens me deeply. Some of you may be wondering, “why are you making this long media post?” To that I answer, why not? I’m quite bored and I wanted to post. But staying at my main point I’m now going to make a great effort to enlighten you all in the art of memes