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[Discussion] The Latest Patch Has A Surprisingly Amount Of Bugs
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Current bugs in live:

-Sombra translocator failing

-Mercy/Ana/Widowmaker/Reinhardt/Lucio toggle bugs resetting randomly in game

-Flagbearer achievement not being rewarded to some players

-D.Va ecopoint eject out of map

-Symmetra disappearing Teleporter/Shield Generator

-Time as Health visual bug

-Reinhardt shield health visual bug

-when you say hello at someone it doesn't wave or say hello

-Allied health bars disappearing

-Spawn at the enemy's spawn

-Ana's Biotic Grenade not working

-Leaving team chat in between rounds

-Throwing basketball into the hoop does not trigger confetti

-Zarya's ultimate disappearing without taking effect

-Healing/Ultimate/Hello.etc not working in chat

Source: Reddit

Added more bugs in the comment and we'll push it to the OW official forum:p

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