[Vox] Chatterbox Thursday #004 Recap

This week, to do something different, Chatterbox Thursday decided to take questions from you guys. Reading through them, I can’t help noticing most of your...

Greetings modchatters. I wanted to experiment today. As many of you might know, a select few modchatters have been given the authority to make posts to the media tab, so I decided to use this to post the official overwatch patch notes for people to have easy access to them. I’ll be using the latest console bug patches as a small example of how this would work. Because I can only use so many characters to make a media post, the patch notes will be screenshots of the official notes. Please leave any suggestions or opinions in the comments so I can improve these types of posts.

If you are looking for a general group who doesn’t tolerate childish immaturity, than try out AGENTS GAMING. We are trying to build the largest active group with only the dedicated users of modchat, meaning the chat will always be open to chat and the spots will not be taken by those pesky children or useless inactive users. Have a concern or recommendation about group rules? Go ahead and message an admin. Think a user is being annoying? Voice your concern to any of our staff members. We’ll be glad to have you.